At the end of each day I get overwhelmed by your love.

You love me despite the behavior I display.

Only you can separate my behavior from my true individual self.

You see me for who you planned me to be.

And so I stand before you once more ;

Lord what do you want me to do?


#7 Internal War …positivity

Sitting by the roadside , a complete stranger took this photo of me and showed me how “occupied” I looked.

Truthfully from the moment I did my positive declaration at 4am my day has been full of negative energy.Arguments , misunderstandings, receiving rage comments and all that energy draining activities. Staying positive has been a struggle for me because I felt I needed to defend myself and counter the negativity.

My sister had to remind me of the positive words I keep telling her and that I couldn’t give away my power by submitting to offense. Want to know what happened next after her encouragement? My day got worse.🤷🏾‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️ So this is me right now,thinking about how my day has been. I won’t utter a negative word about it because it has been full of lessons.

Sometimes(most times to be sincere)staying positive requires an inward effort and as I end this day I stand firm with my 4am affirmation after my meditation, “I am available for more good than I have ever experienced,realized or imagined before”

A single lesson filled day won’t change a thing 🙃 Am stillamazing 😉

#6 Giving

I believe we all hav3 something that we can give to another person. Not necessarily monetary. Perhaps a smile, a joke, an encouraging nod….anything 🤷🏾‍♀️

I have learnt that God works in us differently. He speaks through us to encourage others without us knowing. I was once in an induction and during the tea break I moved directly to a table in the corner to look for the register. I found a lady sitter and instantly I complimented her. Her make up was on point and her eye brows looked amazing. Out of nowhere she told me she has been having a rough day and she needed that compliment. I have been giving compliments to strangers for long however, that day was different. It felt different.

I give compliments because they are free. It’s like a smile, it benefits the other person more. Even in the meanest person I look for that one thing that I can compliment. This is one of the ways I give…

#1 Happiness is what you choose to make it be

I have learned that happiness is what you choose to make it be. Finding little things that you are thankful for sum up to moments of happiness and pleasure.

Taking an evening walk from Zona Universitaria to España(Metro) to check if the tiny cake shop in the metro station is open because you miss their red velvet cakes is happiness for me. The walk,the views and the metro activities. Simply splendid.

Waking up at 5am and sneaking to the balcony with a blanket while everyone else is sleeping is a stolen happy moment. Just me by myself,journaling as I bite a piece of hot red velvet next to me tempting me to finish it in one bite. To the left a view of the Templo Expiatorio del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús at Tibidabo and to the right the sight of the ever mighty Camp Nou. Splendid happy moments.

Walking in and out of shopping malls at Champs-Élysées admiring the fabrics, designs and elegance. Happy moments.

Buying roasted corn at Simplon and waiting for market days at Antony Market so that you can marvel on the various types of cheeses…esto es felicidad.

I have learned that happiness is whatever you choose or make it to be. Anything that makes you bubble inside or puts a smile on your face is worth being thankful for and deserves to be remembered as a happy moment. At times(most times to be sincere) there isn’t anything that puts a smile on you face. Someone steps on you in the metro,the lady at the supermarket is mean to you or everything goes wrong in your day. Finding that reason to smile is not an easy task but you have to try and find it. This life cariño is about you and your happiness. Whatever you give out you receive it at the same amount that you gave(as cliche as that sounds it is true) Try and find the humor in everything,big and small. Purpose to smile and be thankful for any two things at the end of the day and soon you will develop gratitude and moments of happiness during your day.


Whatever you can do,or dream you can,begin it. Boldness has genius,power and magic in it. – Goethe

Make a decision and watch your life move forward.

You will stumble several times but at least you have made a step.

#4 Breath…

Tomorrow(Saturday) I have a Corneal Topography so I decided to make this Friday an off day. Off from everything: no work,no work out,less social media. It was a book and chill kinda day. Meditation. Silence. Writing ideas that come to mind. Connecting with God. Organic teas.

It may sound absurd however, I have re-centered. I feel like I know myself more. I have reminded myself what my purpose is. Compared to earlier or yesterday, today I am more peaceful. Often we forget the truth of who we really are and it takes a moment of silence for a deep inhale and exhale for us to find ourselves again. Blocking the outside noise to hear the inside whisper.

Today I am at peace with God. I know it. I am aware of His presence in me. It feels different.

I have seen the connection between my daily habit and my life. An example is; my fitness is closely tied to my diet. The moment I miss a workout I automatically disregard healthy eating. My spirituality is tied to my silent “me-moments”. Once I do not wake up an hour early(4am) or end my day early(8pm) I automatically don’t connect with my spiritual side. I loose connection with God and I can barely hear the Holy Spirit’s guidance. All this because I did not take time to sit in silence and meditate about my day and life.

To get back on the horse you need to stop and breath. Shut down the world outside and sit down with you. Evaluate your current situation and take notice of the things that make you happy or you are grateful of. The motivator or guidance we all seek is in us. Once you focus on connecting with yourself everything else falls into place.